March 10th, 2003

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Stealing time

You know your days are crammed when you can't bear to let even a minute go to waste. Got to my volunteer placement five minutes early today and so sat in the car and read a couple more chapters of my book, because, hey, gotta fit the reading in where I can. Certainly beats standing around in the snow and cold waiting for my match to show up.

Some people (so I've heard) can do the same thing with writing. Doesn't seem to work out too well for me. Most of the time I need at least five minutes to get into the story's state of mind. At least. (Sometimes a half an hour, sometimes never... :P) If I am lucky enough to have an idea just raring to go, then the tearing myself away part becomes the problem. Nothing quite so painful as ripping my attention from the story world my mind is trying to unfold. With a book, though reading in snippets may be disorienting, at least you know that the words are going to be there when you come back to the page. With writing, well, who can say the same for that?

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