March 28th, 2003

me 2011

What's in a name?

Checked the mail before I headed off to work this morning, and--woohoo! The contract from Peridot Books is now residing on my desk. All looks well except a minor issue of last name spelling... The second "e" has gone a-walking, probably over to the nearest alphabet pub where it can drown its abandonment issues in some frothy mug. I can't really blame them, because even my university and my high school were constantly forgetting it. At least they got my first name right. An extra "a" or "h" and I could not have been held responsible for what havoc I might have wrecked. After all, it wouldn't have been me, but some barbarous amazon by the name of Meagan Crew; not at all a sort of person with whom I would associate (though I hear she's kickass with a railgun).

Will correct the name on the contract and add a note when I send it back to politely remind them to spell it right on the site. More flies with honey...