April 8th, 2003

me 2011

A reincarnation of a larger kind

I've been stewing over what to do with the YA novel I wrote last summer. I hate to just ditch it, because I've done that with too many novels, and on reading it over I think there's certainly a lot of salvageable stuff there. But I just can't make it work as is. The premise seems too implausible and vague, and the whole story rests on it.

So I started thinking, maybe I can steal the characters and setting and the basic dynamics, and find something else for them to do. Did a brief pass over my idea-book last night and jotted down any plot sparks that could be incorporated into the setting. Will probably mull it over further today if I don't get sucked into a short story instead.

The thing is, I have another YA novel idea, not very fully developed but interesting, which I've purposely been putting off until after the trip because I can just see myself coming home with some new perspectives and thoughts, and having to totally rework it. But, maybe because I already have a draft of some sort (though one I'd have to gut to make workable), I'm not feeling the same concerns about rewriting this one. Maybe because it'd mean I'm actually doing something with it, because granted, if I leave it until after the trip, I'll want to get into the newer idea(s) and it'll probably get shelved indefinitely. I had wanted to really focus on the shorts this month. But novels are fun. Grrr. Decisions, decisions.

And not to point fingers or anything, but... *points* ;) Okay, I don't have anyone in particular to point at, but I would really love to get more feedback on "Frozen", so if you have time in the next few days, please give it a go. (You'll have to log in to see it, or drop me a line if you're not on my friends list.)

*gives gold star to somedaysawriter for already contributing her time*