April 10th, 2003

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The long view

There's nothing like a long walk in the fresh air and sunlight for uncluttering the mind. It's like it gets a tumbler going in your head, and your thoughts are the rocks, and as you walk and mull them over, they slowly are ground to a polish.

The trick is remembering them when you're back in your chair at the computer.

It started as a blog entry, then took off of its own accord and became an article. Enjoy, if you care to.

I've also come across a couple of links that the writers among you may find useful (if you haven't already found them yourselves):

The Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror is pretty much what it sounds like. You sign up, you post stories, you review other people's stories, everyone is happy (or at least critiqued). Doesn't seem to be as big as the Critters group, but I like the looks of it because a) I can have my stories reviewed right away, instead of having to wait for a month (what can I say, I'm impatient), and b) I can stock up on review points, which means that if I do lots of reviewing in the summer, I can still have my stories reviewed during the school year when I don't have as much time to review others's. There's a yearly membership fee after the trial month, but if I find it's helpful it'll certainly be worth it.

Wondering if everyone else is still waiting to hear back from [insert magazine name here] after five months? Check at Submitting to the Black Hole. I've already filled in all my data for the last year. And, glancing over others's results, I'm starting to rethink sending anything to Alchemy. There've been 92 total submissions in the last ten months, and every single one of them rejected. At least they do it quickly. ;)

My writing schedule for the next week:
-write another story, something, anything, because am still in a 'too sick of it to even look at it' period with "Frozen"
-go back to "Frozen", rewrite and edit, hand it to OWW-SFF and my mom for final comments
-go back to "Hack", second rewrite, hand off to you guys/gals, OWW-SFF, and anyone else who will read it

The plan is to have both "Frozen" and "Hack" in the mail before I leave for Britain, and possibly another story, too, if I get anything usable done and edited in time. "Frozen" is taking it's first run at Scifiction.com and "Hack" at F&SF.

Aim for the moon.

That is all.