June 24th, 2003


No stress character development in one easy step

3400 words. Yay me again!

Am just leaving behind the last bits of already-written-stuff, which makes the writing less pain-staking. Am also getting into the real meat of the story. (Beginnings and endings are fun, but I like the middles. There's not that pressure of starting or ending things perfectly, and, hey, that's where everything happens.)

Had a minor character today whom I really didn't know anything about, and who probably won't appear in the book again. No clue what to do with him, but he needed to at least make a split-second appearance. So I just sat there and pictured the scene in my head, and he started talking, and suddenly I had a whole (if brief) conversation. He even has his own voice. I suck at making distinctive voices.

Moral of the story: Everything is so much easier once your characters learn to get a life. You just stick 'em in a scene, and off they go.