July 1st, 2003

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7350 words. Just passed the 25K mark. Feel as though I ran it. You know that weird feeling that's like being exhilarated and drained at the same time? Well, anyway, I know it. Very well, right now.

Keep leaning back in my chair to watch the Canada Day fireworks through the window. They're crackling and whizzing and thundering constantly as I'm writing. Almost sounds like gunfire, or at least how I'd imagine gunfire would sound like. If it weren't for the sparkly coloured ones in between the flashing white ones, you might think there was a war going on down at the beach.

I'd be down there, but I love writing more than I love my country. And crowds are not my thing.

Funny thing how the writing process is never quite the same, I always have to adjust myself to it. Scene a couple days ago I had to do that research and planning before I wrote it. Very similar type of scene today, and I had to fly it because it felt most natural to let it come as it came. Couldn't tell you why one needed one thing, and the other another. Just did.

I have no excerpts, partly because I'm feeling too tired to bother picking one, and partly because the disk drive on my desktop computer has gone wacky, so I can't transfer anything to it from the laptop at the moment.

Will be updating the website after I write this. Have to decide where to send "Hack" next. Also got some nice comments through the feedback form, which I will add for a little ego padding. Heh.

I've used up all my words.

me 2011

Submission Troubles

Am going to send "Hack" to Weird Tales despite the warning that they're overstocked and being very picky. Why? Because that's the only damned pro magazine out there, other than F&SF (where it's already been), that takes horror stories over 6K. At least, the only one I can find, that's not currently totally closed to submissions. If you know of any others, my gratitude will be great.

I tried to make it shorter. I really did.