July 2nd, 2003


Cursing sleep

3100 words. Was kind of wiped out after yesterday; took a while to gear up again.

How carefully do you (the writers among you) back up your work? I usually do so automatically since I write on one computer and print/edit on another, so the short stories are always on two hard drives plus at least one disk. But with the novel I have to remind myself to resave it to disk every time I've written a substantial portion.

Every now and then I burn a CD-ROM of my entire documents folder, just in case.

There are too many books I need to read. All these highly recommended teen novels, not to mention all the adult fiction I'd like to check out. Yet again I wish I had the ability of the main character in Beggers In Spain--not needing to sleep. Imagine the productivity.

cruelest_month has decided to interview me. She also has the first bit of what looks like a very interesting story up in her journal. Go take a look.

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I want to make Changeling icons. Was flipping through the book and it made me start reading it again. This is not conductive to me getting on with my reading list. But I loves it. *hugs*

And finally, a tidbit of non-writing-related news. I have a new fuzzy coming home tomorrow; his name is Skip (pre-named, could be worse ;)); I will put up a pic when I have one, for he is cuteness.