July 12th, 2003


A brief appearance

Don't feel like giving the detailed run down of my word counts; currently at about 45K.

This is not a full return, but merely a temporary one driven out of creative curiosity--what better motivation? I finally picked up a book on Norse mythology (a lovely, lovely collection called Nordic Gods and Heroes, by Padraic Colum) and had about half a dozen plot bunnies hopping around my head from the first ten pages along. I love this stuff. Why have I never stumbled across it before? Loki so needs to be in my next novel.

But I'm not the sort to go blundering ahead with something like that on the basis of one collection.

So, my readerly and writerly friends, I'm looking for suggestions: More comprehensive collections of the mythology, particularly ones that set it in historical/anthropological context (the one I have right now is just stories). Books that deal specifically with Norse society and culture. Critical commentary on the gods. Whatever. As long as it's both well-researched and readable--an engaging style is a definite plus; I get enough of the dry academics in my university readings.

I'd also like recommendations of fiction that has used Norse mythology (i.e., lifting actual characters and events, not lightly borrowing the way Tolkein appears to have done), so I can see what's already been done and how. Especially if it's YA, as the Loki novel will undoubtedly fall into that category.

Now I'd better go get on with Signi, so I can soon give those bunnies something to do other than breed in my brain.