September 18th, 2003

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Submission Math

I had the bizarre urge this morning to count up the number of rejection letters I've received. My lifetime total so far (and I think this is actually missing one or two prior to 1997, which didn't get recorded but are somewhere in my filing cabinet): 65

I think I should have a party or something when I hit 100. :)

Submission Stats as of Feb '02 (when I really threw myself into it):

Currently on the market: 8
Rejections: 42
Pro Acceptances: 0
Non-Pro Paying Acceptances: 4
Non-Paying Acceptances: 1

I feel like I've been submitting a lot, but somehow that doesn't look like all that much. Dammit, I need to write more shorts so I can have more out there. ;)

And dammit, I just slept 10 hours but I still feel way too tired.


Books Books Books

I forgot how much I love school. Really and truly. Except the exam part.

Sitting on the History of Psych class today, I got pinged by about a dozen different story fragments. Subject material galore! I also started undergoing my monthly existential crisis. (I'm being literal, not euphemistic, in case there's any doubt.) To comfort myself, I went and bought some shiny new books in the campus book store. I am finally the proud owner of, among other things, a copy of Animal Farm. It's about time, 'cause it does figure somewhat prominently in the Signi book and I was having a bit of a time talking about it without having it around for reference.

Existential crisis is still on-going, but will resolve itself within 24 hours or so, as usual. I expect as graduate exams and thesis deadlines loom it will become bi-weekly rather than monthly. When I figure out my place in the universe, you'll be the first to hear about it.

In honour of the book-buying, I made myself get around to updating my book list, and uploading it to the main site. So now anyone who's ever wanted to know the contents of my bookshelves can browse at will. Sadly I must admit there's a great deal I haven't read--as much as half of the adult fiction, bits of the YA/children's and non-fiction stuff. But I will. Just give me time.

Ah, time.

*curls up with a pillow and a book*

GRE studying be damned.

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