October 14th, 2003

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Why I hate numbers

Did the GRE, and of course the computerized version gives you your verbal and quantitative scores at the end. So I'm looking at them thinking, okay, this is out of 800, right? Damn, I don't think I actually did that well. I'm pretty sure I did better on the practice test. And how could I have gotten a higher score in math than words? Blah!

Then I get home and look up the scores in the percentile chart, and I realize I actually did better, in both, than I did on the practice test--and better in verbal than quantitative, actually, despite the scores.


Not that I'm complaining, but if it made more sense then I wouldn't have been stressing on the way home.

But anyway, yay! ;)

No idea how the essays went, but I felt like I was writing the most inane stuff in the history of the universe. Am brain-dead now. Will nap, then write.

Oh, and the email account's not working right now, not sure when it'll be back up, so I may be delayed in getting back to people.