November 14th, 2003

more than disguise

Decisions, decisions

More user pics=more choice=more time spent trying to figure out which picture has anything to do with the entry. ;)

Just short of 40,000 words on the Signi draft. Getting into the home stretch. Up until here I've been doing a lot of rearranging and rethinking, but this last part is pretty straight forward. Hurray! Perhaps I'll have it done by the end of November after all.

Still haven't gotten the second draft of "The Alien Skin" done. My writing time has all been going to Signi. And I want to rework "Hack" into something shorter, too. Blah. Too many things to write, too little time. December, hurry up and come!

Promising comments on "Could We Still Be Friends?" but nothing certain yet. I really hope I can place that soon. It's nearly two years old. Soon it'll be able to start collecting old age pension.

Saw many Japanese short films. Most very cool. The Japanese have the best sense of humour. Also saw The White Stripes last night. One of the best concerts I've been to. Great live band. Opening act sucked, but what can you do? At least there was only one.

That is all, for now.