January 17th, 2004

more than disguise

Home Sweet Home

We got the apartment! After the run-around we got, it didn't seem quite real at first, but now the excitement is sinking in. Woohoo!

To understand (in part) what a wonderful thing this is, you must see the building:

Doesn't that look like just the place for two writers? Especially ones of rather dark material. Heh. We're going to be in a two-bedroom on the top (third) floor on the inner right side--that balcony you see on the upper right is ours. The apartment itself is lovely. The superintendents and the management office are great--it was just the one rental agent (now off on leave. ha!) who was a problem. I want to move in now! But the boy and I must wait most patiently for March 1st.

*pets apartment* The precious is ours now, it is.


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