January 23rd, 2004

done unto

Edit anxieties

Did the edit of the first chapter of Signi today (a.k.a., the chapter that is getting the most complete overhaul--I think I crossed more stuff off than I left). Keep going back and eyeballing it and thinking there must be something I'm missing and dammit why can't it just be perfect. :P

*deep breath*

I'm giving it to the writers group tomorrow, so hopefully if there's anything awfully wrong with it that I didn't catch, they'll give me a heads up. 'Cause I realized I can't query any agents until mid-February anyway, because I won't know what my new phone number is until then. Duh!

I think I've worn myself out for today, but probably will dive back into chapter 2 tomorrow morning, if I have time before the meeting.

Oh, and I picked up Perdido Street Station after leaving it sitting for a week due to not feeling I had a long enough span of time to really get into it... and now I'm into it. Wow. Definitely the best recent (i.e., published in the last ten years), adult-aimed SF I've read. I'm oozing envy.

And now I must go and eyeball chapter 1 one more time before I chase the anxiety demons away with a mental broom.