May 26th, 2004

me 2011

Making lemonade

Got an encouraging rejection for "Horns" from Ellen Datlow at Scifiction today. She calls the story "utterly charming" and says she likes it but doesn't like it's right for the site. Also recommends I send it to Realms of Fantasy, but sadly, they have already seen it and were not terribly enthusiastic. So, I will have to find another prospective home for this baby, but I've gotten quite a few positive comments on it, so hopefully it won't take too long for someone to snatch it up. :)

When I first saw the envelope, I had a minor panic that it was a rejection from an agent. (My self-defense mechanism, which I think I share with many writers, is to automatically assume any response is a rejection, so as to make an actual rejection somewhat less painful.) Four weeks since I sent out the queries. I'm starting to get a bit jumpy every time I got to the mailbox.

Have been playing with various story ideas but nothing's really grabbed me yet. My muse seems to be taking a week off. Probably deserves it. So tonight I'll just do some outlining on the Signi series and do a prompt or two.

And reading, of course. Always reading.