August 2nd, 2004

dream away

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Writing has been going slowly but surely. Fleshed out the outline somewhat, finished chapter two, started chapter three, hope to finish that today. Bought a damn-cool arm chair to put in the library so we can sit in there and actually read now. Or even write! *huggles her laptop*

As the world gets fleshed out, it excites me more and more. It's one of those concepts that seems so wanting-to-be-written that I have little paranoid bursts--surely someone's already done this! I can't possibly have stumbled across something both good and original! But I've never heard of or seen anything like it in any media, so I guess I'm safe.

I have something to share for all the chefs among you. The best recipe site ever! Swedish Chef. Chris's favourite resource for new meal ideas, and my favourite resource for cookies. Yum!