June 23rd, 2005


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I'm working on consistency, see! A post a day, two days in a row!

So, the book sale was a blast, got about 35 books for $10.50 (which is an even more amazing deal when you consider that this is Canadian money), mostly raw materials for aforementioned artsy mucking about, but also Chris picked up a few text books (he is teaching himself Flash, and now physics and finite mathematics, merely thinking about which makes me dizzy) and a novel, and I got The Dream Catcher (Monica Hughes) because it was there and I have the companion book, Devil On My Back, which was my favourite of the two, but it's nice to be complete, and now I don't know what punctuation to use to return to my list of books... semi-colon!; Ragtime (E. L. Doctorow) because it's been on my want list for a while now, and Just So Stories (do I really need to tell you?), no explanation necessary.

Some of the raw material I got is early '80s Vogue magazines. Cigarette ads! Poofy hair! Way too much eyeliner! Hee!

*The punctuation police hereby shut down this message for exclamation overuse*

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