July 15th, 2005

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BPAL--my first sets of imps have arrived (thank you, deva_fagan!). So far I have tried:

Moon Rose--reminds me of the Tea Rose soap I used to get from Body Shop. Which was my favourite of their scents. After an hour or so it fades to something more luminescent. Nice.

Hamadryad--tried it twice because the reviews of it sound so good, but all it does is smell vaguely floral on me for about half an hour, and then disappear. :P

Persephone--favourite so far. Another rose fragrence, but deeper than Moon Rose, plus it sticks around--two hours and still as lovely as when I first put it on.

I have also discovered that I really suck at describing scents, at least once it gets down to individual notes. :P I guess a career as a perfumer is out.

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