September 25th, 2005


IT'S DONE!!!!!!

Yes, the caps lock and multiple examination marks were necessary. Keep in mind that theoretically I started this novel almost a year ago, and for several months it was doing a very good impression of being hopelessly stalled.

It's done! It's done! It's done!

There, now it's out. ;)

In Memory Of, in case you're not clear what we've talking about here, is complete in rough draft form at 48,614 words (just shy of 200 pages). I'm pretty sure I threw in a fair chunk of garbage over the last few days as I ordered it to get done, but I was on the verge of losing confidence and getting muddled up with it, so I had to just get something out. Also went back and wrote a new opening because the first stopped making sense. There's a lot of editing to do, but that can wait for November.

Next up in the fiction area: the new short story rough, a rewrite of "Internal Affair" (a short story from a few months back), a rewrite of Bad Luck Boy and some queries to publishers... and hopefully another short story or two, and that'll round out October quite nicely.

Been neglecting the nonfic a bit, but my shift tomorrow got canceled, so barring unforeseen obstacles, I should get at least one article done tomorrow.

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Other news of life

Chris and I are considering starting martial arts classes. I'd like to work on getting more fit, and having some self defense skills is never a bad thing. Plus there is a part of me that thinks it'd be really cool to be able to kick someone's ass, even if, being me, I never actually would. So far I'm still figuring out where it would fit in my schedule. Will let you know when it's more than just a consideration.

Work is not really better, but I am handling it better. Chris and I made an agreement not to talk about the person who is stressing us out, and it's actually worked--I have been thinking about it less, and so stressed about it less. So, I may survive until the end of the school year without an ulcer after all.

And I'm pretty wiped what with that finishing the novel thing. Brain shutting down. Must end here.