January 1st, 2006


a little late :)

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve: Chris and I decided to take it easy this year--neither of us is much for crowds anyway. Went out for an early dinner at an Indian restaurant we'd never tried before. Yum! By far the best Indian food I've ever had. If you're ever in Toronto and you want to get some good stuff, drop into Dhaba. Then hung out here watching shows off DVDs and playing video games (Mario Party 6 and Monkey Ball 2) and eating junk food. Much fun was had by all.

Looking Back: 2005 was a pretty tame year, mostly prep for 2006, which is shaping up to be a big one. I'm happy with that. I finished two drafts of a new novel, began work on another, and had three stories accepted by pro-paying markets. I finally reached an understanding with my parents about my education and career path: they seem to accept, now, that I'm not sure where I'm going, and that it's much healthier for me to be unsure than to force myself to head in a direction I'm not confident I like. And I think I've come a long way toward accepting that myself.

Oh, and we added to our animal family! Fiver and Hazel have certainly made life more interesting in the Crewe-Morris household. ;)

Looking Forward: Three and a half weeks in Britain in May. Buying a loft or condo, hopefully before next winter (I've moved once in the snow--not fun). Writing Halfway Hero, revising In Memory Of and querying agents, reviewing children's books. Volunteering at the library. Taking a course in kid's lit in the fall. Looking for a ('real') job in a different field. On top of all that, I'd like to get out and around more, meet more people, and be less awkward about it.

Should be a busy year, but a good one. I can't wait to get started.

Here's hoping the new year brings you the things you most dearly want.