January 28th, 2006

dream away

Back, sort of

Got the computer back, but the problem isn't totally fixed. The tech people couldn't find anything wrong with the Mini itself--apparently it ran fine with their internet connection and all their routers, hubs, etc. Chris and I have managed to get it connecting to the internet when it's hooked up directly to the modem, but if it's hooked up to the router, it can't find the connection. No idea what the problem is. Chris's computer can still get a connection through the router. Switching slots and using his cable with my computer haven't worked. The router just doesn't like the Mini all of a sudden. :P

So I have internet access, but Chris and I can't be on at the same time, so we have to switch back and forth.

Clearly we'll have to look into getting the router replaced, but I have enough things to think about right now, so that's waiting for another day.

Halfway Hero has passed 10,000 words. I'm itching to start revising In Memory Of, though, so I think it's going on hold for a bit.

I'm going to try a new strategy with this revision. I've gotten comments from several people, with more to come, and I find it hard to look at them objectively and figure out which things are major problems and which might be more personal taste. (My instinct is to fix everything anyone mentions.) So I'm going to make myself a little chart with all the concerns the readers had down one side, and all the readers across the top, and check off which readers noticed which problems. Heh. It'll give me a visual, at least. I think better with a visual.

After I've figured out what major things I need to change, and brainstormed on how to change them (which I've already started doing), I'll be printing out the manuscript and making notes based on those changes. And then I'll go through the comments-within-the-manuscript that everyone's made, one at a time, and note any necessary line-edits, clarifications, etc. on the manuscript. And then I've got to read the whole thing through myself, because I can bet you I'll find plenty to criticize.

Finally, I'll rewrite the whole thing from the printed and scribbled on manuscript. Some of the changes needed are major enough that I don't think I could pull them off with just edits (e.g., adjusting story arc, character personalities, etc.). I'm sure the whole thing needs tightening up anyway.

That isn't really "finally" of course, because then I'll be line-editing the "finished" manuscript, writing a query letter, and getting submission stuff together for agents.

So, that's my life for, like, the next month. :)


Travel Updates

All our travel plans are pretty much official now--all but one hostel booked. Posting them because there were at least a couple people who read this who thought they might be in the same place at the same time.

Britain Trip, May 2006

London - arrive early May 7, leave early May 11
Exeter (SE England) - arrive midday May 11, leave early May 14
     -day trip to a coastal town, not sure which
London - stay over night of May 14, leave early next morning
Edinburgh - arrive late May 15, leave early May 19
Glasgow - arrive early May 19, leave early May 21
     -day trip to Glencoe (Highlands)
Brecon (mid Wales) - arrive late May 21, leave early May 24
     -day trip to Hay-On-Wye (the used book store capital of the world)
Caernarfon (north Wales) - arrive late May 24, leave early May 28
     -probably at least one day trip, to another castled city (e.g., Conwy) and/or to Portmeirion (where The Prisoner was filmed)
London - arrive midday May 28, fly home midday May 31
     -possibly a day trip to Brighton, Cambridge, or Canterbury

Just a little more than three months! If you're going to be around, give me a shout.

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