September 18th, 2006


Life Update

-Cable modem is working, so we have proper internet now. The old service provider nearly gave me a nervous breakdown last week by deciding to bill us nearly $200 for the dial-up we used when our DSL was down. Thankfully, the rep I spoke to fixed things up very quickly, so it was a short almost-nervous-breakdown.

-Why I Love Where I Live Now Reason #32: I had some errands to run today. Took a five minute walk north and got my hair cut. Five minutes northwest and I bought fresh meat at a butcher shop. Five minutes southwest and I picked up a library book I'd put on hold. Five minutes south, checked out a local bakery. Five minutes east, home again.

-I started playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time. Suddenly I understand why everyone was disappointed with VIII.

-As of yesterday, Chris and I are taking kung fu lessons. My goals: fitness, confidence, focus, self-defense, stress relief. Plus it's fun. :D

-I need more user pics.