November 16th, 2006

vmars angry chop


I am writing this entry because I have a confession to make: I spent most of this morning procrastinating instead of writing.

I did end up getting to the writing, and getting my planned word count done, but I was still a little peeved with myself.

There are two ways I generally procrastinate:

1. The Internet. The internet is evil. There is too much information, too many things to read and investigate, and in short, it is far too good at sucking me in. I'll just read this one blog entry, I tell myself. And then that entry links to another one, or someone with another blog leaves an interesting comment, and I'm wandering over there. If I'm in full procrastination mode I will run out of writing-related stuff and start reading TV recaps or movie spoilers.

For this reason, I generally turn my computer off before I go to bed, and do not allow myself to turn it on the next day until I have finished my morning writing (on the laptop, which does not have internet). Last night I had to leave it on so a download could finish, and I figured I'd do some quick e-mail checking etc. while I ate breakfast, and then, well, *sighs*

2. Books. This one I don't feel so guilty about, 'cause really, it's all sort of writing research anyway, even if I'm reading something simply for pleasure. But there are times when I'll pick up a book while I'm eating breakfast (Chris sleeps later than I do, so I'm generally eating alone, and I hate doing nothing but eating), and I'll get hooked, and three hours later I'm finishing the last page and staring blearily at the clock, wondering if I really have to go to work in an hour.

This happened a lot last week. I read a book a day for three days. Not always at the expense of the writing (sometimes at the expense of my sleep), of course. There's just so much to read! Every time I finish a book I've found out about five more that I really must read right now (because they're hot in the YA market or they have a subject similar to something I want to write or because they sound just so darn yummy).

So those are my addictions: internet and books. I guess it could be worse. :)