December 7th, 2006

mscl thoughtful

Name books

I was distraught this morning when I went looking for my name book, and lo, it was not to be found! It should be on the shelves near my desk where all my writing-related books are. However, it is not there, or on any of the other bookshelves in the apartment, or under the bed, or under the couch, or under the desk, or on top of any piece of furniture... I've run out of places to look. It's possible I packed it in with some of the books that are in the storage locker, but I can't imagine why I'd do that, seeing as I've used it to name characters in almost every story I've written in the last five years.

Of course, the other (more likely) possibility is that it somehow got lost in the move. *cries*

I'm going to go down and have a look in the storage locker sometime this weekend, but in the meantime, should I be unable to find it, suggestions of a replacement would be useful. I was pretty happy with the one I had (The New Age Baby Name Book) but I'd like to consider my options. And the internet sites aren't good enough--I like to have paper to paw through.

I'd be looking for something with:
-lots and lots of names (the more the better).
-for the most part, all the names in alphabetical order, only separated by gender. (I'm fine with little asides about specific types of names, but I don't like having the whole book broken down into different subcategories.)
-brief explanations of name meanings/history/origins.
-names from a variety of cultures.

(If you happen to be looking for a name book, BTW, The New Age Baby Name Book was good for all of the above, except sometimes I wished it had more names. And I'm not entirely sure all the name meaning information was accurate.)

Any recommendations?