December 10th, 2006

ferris celebrate

Good Things

1. I have all my Christmas shopping done (I mostly shop by internet, so I order well ahead of time for fear of unseen delays--but everything arrived quickly this year). I love giving presents, so it's terribly stressful when I have to worry that I won't have something ready in time--and terribly nice when I know it's all taken care of.

2. There's been a tense situation at work the last couple days, but from what our employers said today, I think everything's going to turn out fine.

3. I'm on the verge of one of those rare two-day "weekends" where I get both days off (I always have Sunday off, but only every-other Monday) *and* I have no fixed obligations on either day other than kung fu class, so I'll have time to relax and play with my new writing project and generally be merry.

4. Speaking of kung fu class--we took photos of various techniques for a book that'll be published in China, and I finally got copies!

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Here's hoping you all have enough good things this weekend to make lists of your own!