December 12th, 2006

dream away

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More brainstorming for the new project today. I think it's starting to come together. The most important thing, really, is figuring out exactly who this character is, and why I'm telling her story, and what's important to her about it. What is she struggling for, where is she heading, how will she feel when she gets there? And because there are some minor similarities to Giving Up The Ghost (i.e., there is some communication with the dead, along with a bunch of other paranormal things) I need to make sure that's she's very distinct from Cass, so I'm covering new ground.

When I was writing GUTG, I would visualize Cass sitting in a chair across from me, telling me the story. It made it really easy to get into her head and her voice. I think I'm going to try a similar technique with this one. Maybe tomorrow I'll give her a little preliminary interview. I always like the stuff my subconscious and wandering imagination come up with more than the stuff I sit down and think through logically. Logic is great for tying up plot threads and analyzing structure, of course. But for the things that hit me in the gut, that let me know I have to write this story right now, it's intuition all the way.