December 24th, 2006


Lazy Day

Spent the morning finishing up Christmas stuff--burning the CD mixes for my mom, designing the covers for them, getting ready a little extra something for Chris, and wrapping everything. I hope everyone likes what I got for them (I shop for my family for both me and Chris).

I take pride in gift-giving: I tend to ignore lists and get surprise items people didn't realize they wanted (but would have wanted if they'd known about them), and I do a lot of research to make sure I'm getting something of quality. I seem to be fairly good at it--I usually get great reactions from people. If sometimes delayed. I gave my dad these history DVDs last year (he's a big history buff, especially World War II, which these related to) and it took him six months to watch them because he wasn't sure about them. This summer he e-mails me to tell me what excellent DVDs they are--much better than he expected! Heh.

BTW, does anyone else find it almost creepy that a bunch of online stores are starting their Boxing Day sales tonight? I mean, come on, it's like they want to skip right over Christmas! :P
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