December 28th, 2006


Shopping, kung fu, and other non-writing-related activities

Went shopping yesterday with a mall gift card one of my employers gave out as Christmas presents. The main goal was to find a new pair of winter boots. My old ones are six or seven years old, and the lining is totally worn out at the back, so the few times I wore them this year they started rubbing my heel and ankle raw. Fun! Unfortunately, boot and shoe shopping is equally fun. I have small feet that are a little on the wide side at the ball and toes. This means that about 90% of decent-looking shoes are too narrow/pointy. I wanted boots that looked nice, that were waterproof, that had a warm lining, that were within my price range (which was at the lower end as quality boots go), and that fit. I spent about three hours in the mall, went to ten or so shoe stores, and couldn't find anything that matched even most of those criteria. I did, however, find three pairs of pants that fit properly and were on sale, which was some consolation. (I have nearly as much trouble finding pants that fit well as in finding shoes.)

Finally, I gave up. I walked out of the mall and looked at the department store across the street. Well, I thought, what's another ten minutes. I might as well look.

And wouldn't you know it, I found a pair I thought were absolutely gorgeous, and they had wide sizes, and they fit nicely, and they're full waterproof, and not only was the price within my range, but they were an additional 50% off! The gods of footwear took pity on me, I suppose.

Today I worked, and started reading a new research book (I'd been meaning to read the Donnie Brasco book ever since I saw the movie, and this was a good excuse--it's a fascinating read), and did two hours of kung fu. My legs are tired. But I have now learned the entire second form! All I need to do now is get good at it. :D

Okay, so I actually have no other activities to talk about. The subject line was a lie. Although, I suppose lying is an activity...
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