January 22nd, 2007

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Community sites

A few days ago, Chris decided to make himself a Facebook profile to keep in touch with a few friends on there, and my brother has one, too, so I figured I'd sign up as well. Any of you on there? I need more friends! ;) Anyway, if you are a member, you can find me by my real name (Megan Crewe).

What other "community" or "networking" type sites to you use? I've looked at Friendster before, but no one I know (in person, at least) is on there. I'm planning on making a MySpace page if/when Giving Up The Ghost or some other book of mine gets picked up by a publisher, since that seems to be where the biggest teen presence is. Not sure what else is out there or popular. Thoughts?
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A Guide To This Blog

I spent way too much time today adding tags to all my entries. Can you believe I've been posting in this journal for nearly four years? I find as I'm adding new LJ friends, I enjoy reading through some of their old entries, to get to know them a little better. If anyone wants to find out more about me, this'll be a good starting point. And even if no one does, I'd like to be able to, say, pull up all the entries talking about one particular novel with one click. I said some mildly insightful things along the way, surprisingly enough.

You can browse the full list of tags, or if you're looking for something in particular, I've explained the main ones below.

Personal life: Anything to do with my life outside writing. All the posts having to do with my university experience and grad school considerations are there. Some specific areas I've tagged are the day job, my family, the pets, and travel.

Reading: This covers any post where I mention books I've read or am reading, and actually have something to say about them; if you're looking specifically for kids and YA lit comments, I've got those.

Writing: Anything to do with writing (not revision) is under that tag, so there's a lot of them. I've also made tags specifically for novels and short stories, and tags for my published book, (Give Up The Ghost), and for each of the major novels I'm working on (Possessing Lucy, Halfway Hero, and Loki's Boy). There are posts specific to characters, names and titles, plot and structure, style and voice, themes, and world building, as well as my brief attempt at freelancing (writing articles and reviews). Anything that goes in-depth into my writing process is labelled as, well, the process. There are separate sections for inspriation, outlining, and organization, plus of course revision. Occasionally I attempt to dig past all that to the heart of what it's all about.

Publishing: Anything to do with the publishing process (both books and short stories) can be found here. There's the times I got stories accepted, though of course we can't forget the rejections; agents get a separate tag. You can see some of my thoughts on and examples of query letters and synposes as well. If you like numbers, I've noted the posts that get mathematical about it.

And if you're curious what websites I've recommended over the last few years, there's always linkage.
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