November 9th, 2007

montypy dead

The book is eating my brains

I came to a couple of conclusions earlier this week. One was that my mind is really not programmed to tackle more than one story idea with any real intensity at the same time. The other is that I really really like The Halfway Hero right now, and it's flowing, and it'd be stupid to stop when the writing's this good. So I'm sort of putting Possessing Lucy's rewrite on hold (though any brilliant ideas that grace me with their presence will be jotted down most happily) until this draft of THH is finished. But at the same time, I really want to get started on PL.

So my completely insane plan is to write THH as fast as I possibly can within frying my brain. I wrote 5000 words yesterday. I got about 2500 before I wrote this post and I'm hoping to get a couple thousand more after. I won't be able to keep up that sort of pace every day (tomorrow, for ex, when I have my long work shift), but I'll get as much done as I can. Really my goal is to finish by the 21st. Because I'm working at the school on the 22nd and 23rd, which means I wouldn't get any writing done those days anyway, and hopefully they'd serve well to wipe out my brain and get it ready to start on something completely different.

In the meantime, I doubt I'll be good for much else. My brain may not be fried, but it does feel kind of mushy. :P

The main thing that's making me feel so good about THH is that this draft, even though it's technically a first draft now (only the first four chapters had been written before, and I'm on to nine), is that it feels pretty clean, in terms of characters and plotting and stuff. Usually my first drafts are a big mess and I need that second draft to straighten everything out before I dare let anyone at all take a look at it. But this one, if it keeps going this way, I think I'd be looking for crits on without another rewrite. Which is kind of cool.

I'm guessing it's a result of having outlined and reoutlined the damn thing so many times. I'd be celebrating this new technique that apparently lets me skip a draft in the process, if that "technique" hadn't required approximately four years of brainstorming and note-taking and re-envisioning and... you get the picture. So, yeah, doesn't really help me shave any time off. But it's still nice to know that just because an idea refuses to quite work for that many years, doesn't mean it never will.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm going to feed some more brains to the book.