January 7th, 2008

dream away

Back to life as usual

Today I go back to my regular work schedule (bye-bye holidays!), which is fine because I got more holidays than I usually do this year. :) I'm pleased to say I almost managed to finish the current draft of Possessing Lucy, which means right now I only have three more chapters left to write (woohoo!), one of which I intend to tackle as soon as I'm finished writing this.

This also means that very soon I am going to start playing with The Halfway Hero again. So, a heads up to the few of you reading it--I may give you a poke in the next week to see where you're at. If you need more time, that's cool, just let me know!
brick puzzling rubix


I've been thinking a lot about subplots today. A couple complaints about the previous draft of Possessing Lucy were that certain characters were neglected for large parts of the book, and that there needed to be more going on to give the novel a YA tone. So I figured I'd try to work in some subplots with the characters that needed more page-time to accomplish that. Looking back, now that I'm two chapters away from done, I'm not sure how well I accomplished that goal. There's so much main plot in PL that almost every scene has to do with that main plot in one way or another--and the book's on the long side as it is!

I did figure out one thing I should do with a character that would make his thread more plotty, but I'd like to do more. I don't have a very specific question, but to anyone who cares to share your experience with creating subplots, developing them, interweaving them with the main plot, making sure they're emotionally resonant without detracting from the main plot, and all that kind of stuff--any thoughts you have to share on the topic would be greatly appreciated! :D