January 10th, 2008

dex phone

It had to happen sometime

Due to some communication difficulties over the last couple days (as can happen when you don't have a business phone because you work in a private home, and your work hours overlap with your agent's), I am finally giving in. I am getting a cell phone.

Yes, it is true--I have gone my entire life until this point cell-less. So has Chris. We also have an antenna instead of cable. On the other hand, we do have super high speed cable internet. So we're not completely behind the times. Although our antenna-ed state was so bewildering to one phone survey guy that he refused to believe that we did not have cable (Him: "So who is your cable provider?" Me: "I told you, we don't have cable TV. We just use an antenna." Him: "No, no, your cable provider. You know, there's a cable that goes from your TV to the wall, and you get a bill every month." Me: "Our TV is not hooked up to the cable outlet. No one bills us. We. Do. Not. Have. Cable.") to the point that after about five minutes of this, he hung up on me. :D

Anyway, I spent a couple hours last night researching plans and phones, because hey, if I'm doing it, I'm doing it right. Prepaid seems to be the way to go because there's no way I can justify the cost of a monthly plan, given how little I'm likely to be using the phone. But then there's all the other issues to consider, like long distance charges and roaming and, most importantly, the phones themselves. Why is it that every phone on the planet seems to have only middling reviews? I cannot find a phone with any of the providers I've looked into that everyone at least mostly likes. Is it really that hard to make a decent phone? All I really care about is that it doesn't fall apart, the sound quality's clear and consistent, and the battery life's pretty good (because, inevitably, I will forget to charge it). Oh, and it has to be a flip phone. I've used the little tiny phones before and it drives me crazy to be talking into something that's nowhere near my mouth.

I think I've settled on one, but before I dive in--any of you experienced cell phone users out there have tips or warnings I should heed?

Edit: I assumed you all knew that I'm a Canuck! I live in Canada, so I have different service providers to chose from than all you Americans. :)