February 4th, 2008

book magic

Great reads from my Friends list

I just finished reading lisa_schroeder's I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME. Wow! This is the first novel-in-verse I've read, because I'm a little poetry-shy, but it works perfectly in Lisa's book. The emotions are captured so directly and vividly, it's very powerful. And it has a ghost! Ghosts are always good with me. :D

And then I realized, hey, I've read a few Friends list books recently, but I never posted about them! *tsk tsk* So I am attempting to make up for that now. These are wonderful books that I encourage you all to check out.

amanda_marrone's UNINVITED--What I loved most about this book is how personal it was. So many urban fantasy and paranormal YAs are about saving the world or secret organizations, but this book is really about Jordan, dealing the fact that her ex-boyfriend is a vampire on top of all the other struggles a teen can face. Great characters, great suspense, what more could you want!

Speaking of ex-boyfriends... I'd been meaning to read carriejones's TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (EX) BOYFRIEND forever, and am so glad I picked it up. The characters and the small town setting feel incredibly real. I can't wait to spend more time with Belle and Tom and the rest of them. Why isn't the sequel out already?

I also recently managed to get my hands on an ARC of kris_reisz's UNLEASHED. What an intense read! I love the unique take on werewolf mythology, and the scenes from wolf-ish POV are so vivid I started wondering where I could find some Amanita Muscaria... :D

There are so many other awesome authors on my Friends list, and so many books I really must read. Y'all have to stop writing so much so I can catch up!