April 17th, 2008

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Stealing a moment

The theme of my life this week is BUSY!!! ;)

My immune system failed me and let in a cold right as I was starting revisions, plus I've been doing some filling in at school on top of my usual work hours. Thankfully, there are many good things about this busy-ness. The revisions are going quite well (9 chapters out of 20 completed! Though of course I'm going to go over the whole novel again after I finish chapter-by-chapter edits). The best part is re-reading scenes I love and remembering how much I love them.

The good thing about extra work... Chris and I saw a great deal on a Playstation 3, and because of those extra hours we decided we could grab one. Which means in just a few weeks yours truly might be jamming out with Rock Band. W00t!

For those who participated in my sort-of contest, I'm hoping to figure out what I'm doing with that this weekend, so keep an eye on this blog. :)