April 30th, 2008

book magic

What a wonderful feeling


Okay, not completely done, but done all the big stuff. I just finished my revisions on the last chapter of GIVING UP THE GHOST. While there is at least one read-through to come before I'm completely done, that will just be minor tweaking and adjusting.

Oh, such a relief! I love 'The end'. ;)

For anyone interested, the word count has decreased--from 72,000 words pre-this-revision to 63,000 now. Much was chopped, and the story is better for it.

Now I take a break (which means, start poking at THE HALFWAY HERO again--the muse does not understand this concept of "break"), and then come back to the manuscript in a few days and do that read-through. And if all is well, I will sent it off, and buy myself Rock Band to celebrate!
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Six Random Things

tagged by robinellen.

So, a list of six random things about myself...

1. I prefer salty treats to sweets (my comfort foot is Doritos far more often than chocolate).

2. Based on my extracurricular activities, in high school I was more an athlete than anything else (the only teams/clubs I participated in every single year were the speed swim and synchronized swim teams).

3. I am not a natural redhead (my spirit is fiery, my hair--it is not so much).

4. I am currently addicted to a video game called PixelJunk Monsters (seriously, if you have a PS3, you must try it).

5. I have a tendency to get hooked on TV shows after they've already or almost finished airing, and watching them in marathons (this has happened with Veronica Mars, Alias, Roswell, and probably others I'm forgetting).

6. If I could live anywhere in the world, price being no object, I'd pick London. So far, my second choice would be to stay in Toronto and just travel lots. :)

Now, to tag six more... If you've already been tagged, I apologize; if you don't feel like meme-ing, no problem!

astres, dragonegg, kisstheviolets, mandyhubbard, neeshadm, and stacyking--you're it!