October 27th, 2008

p&p thoughtful

Titling chapters

Even though I am a writer who tends to plan everything out, outline every draft ahead of time (after much brainstorming), make charts and maps and so on where necessary... I still end up doing rather a lot because "the story told me to."

GIVING UP THE GHOST was the first novel I wrote in first person (after a whole bunch finished and not-finished in third), solely because it felt like it needed to be in first person.

THE HALFWAY HERO wanted to be set in a desert. It didn't tell me this, actually, but it refused to get written until I figured that out for myself.

I have learned that you don't argue with the story. If the story insists on something, give it. The story knows what it's doing, even if you don't.

Well, after a gazillion years of books filled with plain old "Chapter One", "Chapter Two" and so on, LOKI'S BOY decided it needed chapter titles. Don't ask me why. It wanted them, so I didn't argue (see points made above). Trouble is, I have enough difficulty coming up with *one* title I like for any given book. Nineteen more, you say? Guh.

I am pleased with some of them, I'll admit. But some feel like place-holders, and the story is being awfully quiet about what's supposed to fill those places.

Have you ever done the chapter titling thing? Why or why not? If you have, was there any sort of method to your naming?