December 16th, 2008

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There is no right way

I've talked with a lot of writers recently about feeling uncertain about our writing processes, because they're different from what other writers talk about doing, or from what seems to be the "standard" process--what if we're doing something wrong? What if our books would be so much better if we could manage to write that other way?

If you've ever felt that way, let me direct you to this excellent post by matociquala.

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Quick, post the most recent five things which made you smile :)

1. Seeing the ecard my swap partner (i.e., switch witch) from the BPAL forums sent me.

2. Telling Chris about how cute Fiver was being during the writers group meeting.

3. Joking with the other members of the writers group about the stories we were critting.

4. Getting a very sweet card and Christmas gift from one of the families I work with.

5. Goofing around with one of the boys I work with.

I tag: anywherebeyond, astres, jgurtler, jenny_moss, and tlcadence, if you feel like playing.