December 17th, 2008

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Brainstorming help

I know you all are great for this sort of thing--I'm trying to figure out a problem in a book, and I'm not completely happy with any of the possible solutions I've come up with. Hoping discussing it with you will jostle something into place. :)

So, say we have a country divided into relatively independent city-states. What reason might the ruler of city-state A have for wanting to control neighboring city-state B? (Said reason may or may not have to do with a secret alliance that city-state A is forming with people outside the country--I haven't decided on that point yet.) Note that in this scenario city-state A is the enemy (though the motives should be understandable) and city-state B is the "good guy".

What I've thought of so far:

-the lands of city-state B contain some sort of natural resource (precious metals? building materials?) that would increase city-state A's wealth/prestige/something-or-other

-someone important in city-state B did something to really piss off the ruler of city-state A (though I haven't yet thought of what might be such a big deal that it'd cause outright war, while keeping city-state B on the "good" side of the equation)

-city-state B lies between city-state A and something else they want access to

Any thoughts? Spins on those ideas? Let me pick your brains. :D