January 28th, 2009

book magic

Killing people makes me philosophical, with musical accompaniment

I wrote the major death scene in THE HALFWAY HERO this morning. I wrote it again, I should say. This is the third time now.

It still makes me a little teary. I don't usually kill off major characters. And I'm rather fond of this one. And realizing that, oh, this character is just... gone now, well, it's sad.

But I realized as I was thinking about this, the character (who I will call E, to avoid spoiler pronouns) isn't really gone. E has come back to life each time I've started writing a new draft. E will come back to life every time I revise, or just read over the earlier parts of the book. E will always be there, talking and laughing and everything else, and those moments are completely alive.

Yes, we're talking about fictional people right now. But it's still kind of wonderful, isn't it?

(and for this moment, one of the songs from my HALFWAY HERO soundtrack)