January 29th, 2009

cb grin

My first award! :D

The very-creative-herself dawn_metcalf has kindly named me a Kreativ Blogger, which means I get to display this lovely award...

...and name seven more awesome bloggers!

And possibly I am going to cheat a little, because I am going to award it to debut2009, which is way more than seven bloggers, but only one blog. But, seriously, it is the most amazing group of creative people I have ever met, and I suspect even watchers can see just how Kreativ they all are. :D
dex working

Updating the blog

Just finished updating the tags on all my entries from the last year (what can I say... they didn't have tags when I first started, I've never got in the habit). Deleted some and merged some so that there's not quite so much clutter in that tag cluster on my main blog page.

For those who've Friended this journal relatively recently and wishing to get to know me a bit better, my Guide to this Blog is a great place to start, and will actually function properly now. :)