August 7th, 2009

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Flashback: Traumatizing Moments

January 19, 1994 (Megan is 13)

X wanted to ask D if he liked me. I didn’t want her to because he would think I liked him. She did anyway and I didn’t find out ’til Friday.

X and I went up before school started to see [our teacher]. We were waiting for her near the gym. D had a basketball practice. (This was Friday.) He walked out to get a drink. On his way back he touched the sleeve of my shirt and said Hey (or Hi) Sexy. I didn’t know what he said at first and X was laughing so hard. I figured it out and we both laughed.

X told me then and I think he was teasing me because he thinks I like him. X thinks I do too and she keeps trying to prove it.

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