September 8th, 2009

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Ghost scents have arrived! + Giveaway

You all remember I told you about the ghost scents that were being made to go with the book? Well guess what! They’ve now available. Check out the amazing job SuperBad did with the bottles (you’re seeing the name of the scent through the perfume; the outside of the label shows a bit of the cover and the title of the book):

SuperBad is offering each of the scents on its own, or a full set along with a copy of the book, at her Etsy shop. She’ll also be putting up sample sets for those of you who like to try before getting a whole bottle.

To celebrate, I thought I’d do a quick giveaway! Giveaway now over. Congrats to the winner, Julia Karr!

The winner will receive either a full bottle of the scent of their choice OR a complete set of samples (five scents).

Entering is easy: Just take a look at each of the scents and comment here letting me know which one sounds most appealing to you!

Additional entries:

+1 Tweet about the ghost scents with a link to the Etsy store.
+1 Mention this contest (with a link to the post) in your tweet or an additional tweet.
+2 Post on your blog about the ghost scents with a link to the Etsy store AND my website OR my Amazon listing.
+1 Include the picture above in your post (please save to your computer rather than using my URL).
+1 Mention this contest in your post along with a link to this post.

Like I said, this is a quick giveaway–only open until noon EST on Saturday (Sept 12th). I’ll draw the winner Saturday evening!

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Blog Tour: Jackson Pearce and AS YOU WISH

Jackson Pearce is the founder of the 2009 Debs, so she deserves an extra big shout out! Her debut YA novel, AS YOU WISH, is a thoughtful and romantic read, and it just came out a couple weeks ago. Check it out:

About the book: Seven months ago, Viola's boyfriend told her he was gay—moments before she was going to lose her virginity to him. Heartbroken, Viola has resigned herself to near invisibility, until she inadvertently summons a young jinn out of his world, Caliban, and into her own. Here he will remain until she makes three wishes.

Jinn is anxious to get back to Caliban, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid her wishes will be manipulated into curses. Jinn knows that should she wait too long, the Ifrit, guardians of earthbound jinn, will press her to wish by hurting those around her.As they spend time together, Jinn can't deny that he's slowly falling in love with Viola, blurring the lines between master and servant. It's only after Viola makes her first wish—for a popular boy to love her—that she realizes the feelings are mutual.

With every wish Jinn's time with her diminishes, but the longer she waits to wish the greater danger she's in from the Ifrit. Together, Viola, Jinn, and Viola's ex-boyfriend try to outwit the Ifrit while dealing with their own romantic complexities and the alcohol-laced high school social scene.