February 4th, 2011

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The music of Give Up the Ghost: “Texarkana”

The next song on the unofficial soundtrack for Give Up the Ghost is the first of two R.E.M. songs, both of which are from their album Out of Time. Here’s “Texarkana”:

To me this is a Tim song. Tim desperately searching for something he’s not even sure is possible, for a chance to talk to his mom again, for a way to come to terms with her death and the hollowness he’s feeling in his friendships, for the strength to keep going in spite of all that. “I would give my life to find it/I would give it all.” And then, “Catch me if I fall.” Which I think you could read as the appeal he’s making to Cass, even if he never says it outright.

I’m also very fond of the lines “40,000 reasons for living/40,000 tears in your eye” because they fit the scene in Chapter 17 so well.

Full lyrics

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