December 5th, 2011

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The Way We Fall trailer reveal

It’s exactly 50 days before The Way We Fall is finally released, and I am very excited to share with you the official book trailer, written by me and produced by the very excellent video people at Hyperion!

The most exciting thing about this trailer? If you’re in New York, Chicago, or Seattle, you may very well see it on TV in the first couple weeks after The Way We Fall‘s release. And if you’re in Toronto or Vancouver, it’ll be playing before films in select movie theaters!

Stay tuned… I’m dreaming up a contest involving this trailer, to be announced soon. :)

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Livejournal commenting

My LiveJournal Friends, I only just realized that for some reason LiveJournal has been turning off commenting on all posts mirrored here from my WordPress blog for the last couple weeks. I do not know why, and I do not know if I've fixed this (the WordPress plug-in appears to already be set to allowing LJ comments...), but I just wanted to note that I have not been trying to convert you into non-LJ users. :) Commenting is back on all posts.