March 5th, 2012

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The music of The Way We Fall – “Stars All Seem To Weep”

The sixth song from The Way We Fall‘s unofficial soundtrack is Beth Orton’s “Stars All Seem To Weep”:

It’s hard for me to say a lot about this song without spoiling major events for those who haven’t read the book yet, so forgive me for being a little vague. This is one of two songs (the second of which I’ll share next week) that I associate with the end of the “Quarantine” section of the novel. It’s melancholy, but also sort of hazy and dreamlike, which fits Kaelyn’s state of mind in those entries. And while the lyrics aren’t a perfect fit, many of the lines capture the sorts of thoughts going through her head: her general sadness about the state of the town and her life (“there’s so much to lose…” “All the things we took for granted…”), and her regrets about her friendship with Leo (“I think about you on a moonlit night…” “All the times I took for granted/All the things I never said”).

Listening to it I get a little sad all over again.

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