March 2nd, 2013

me 2011

Street Team winners!

The points have been tallied up and the winners discovered and drawn. I’m pleased to announce the winners of the Fallen World street team giveaway!

With the highest number of points earned, the first two winners were…

Karis Cole
Jessica Reid

And through random draw, we have two more winners…

Heather @ BookStacksOnDeck
Jen Kentfield

Huge congrats to the four of you! And huge thanks to all the street team members who participated! If you hadn’t already received your street team swag pack with a requested shirt or set of bookmarks, I’ll be mailing that off to you shortly.

Don’t worry, Fallen World fans who weren’t able to get in on the street team action before. You’re still welcome to join, and there’s more fun to come! In fact, I already have plans for a new street-team only giveaway to be starting soon… Info on how to join can be found here.

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