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Friends list, you have failed me

I cannot believe that this show is halfway through its second season, and yet none of you has mentioned The Big Bang Theory!

In penance, I think all of you should go track down a few episodes *right now*.

Okay, maybe it won't appeal to all of you, but I think most of the SF fans and science-minded folks would find much to enjoy. A comedy about science nerds that manages to make the science accurate and the nerds (well, the two leads, at least) more than stereotypes! A cute blond girl who manages to be neither so dumb as to be awed by their intellect, nor so smug as to treat them as her social inferiors! Stories that do not end with some sort of moral come-uppance! What more could you want from a sitcom?

Now that I've done this public service, I must I go in search of BBT icons... If you can track it down, hope you enjoy!
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