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Lots of goodness on its way!

As many have already noted... it's 2009! Which means it's debut time for many of the awesome authors I've gotten to know over the past year. And I think you all should get to know them, too. Here's how you can:

-Wander on over to the Class of 2K9 website to see the wonderful books we have in store for you. And join classof2k9 as a watcher so you can catch all our blog posts and find out about our book launches and contests. First giveaway should be starting this week!

-Start watching debut2009--we'll be doing more public posts and events in 2009, as well as giving away some super-cool book swag:

The 12 Months of Debsness Giveaway is Coming!

-Keep an eye on this blog! Starting soon, I'll be interviewing various members of both the 2009 Debutantes and the Class of 2K9 right here.

-Join the Story Siren's '09 Debut Authors Challenge and see how many great new books you can read this year.

It's going to be a great year for books! I hope you'll all join me in discovering these fabulous debuts.
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