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Switching MCs across a series

(I've posted about this over at the Blueboard as well, so apologies if you see it twice.)

Over the past few days I've been struggling to figure out the basics of what will happen in the sequels to my current WIP, which I've been thinking of as a trilogy. I'm starting to come around to the idea that maybe the second and third books will follow the same group of characters, but have different characters as the real protagonist (and 3rd person viewpoint character). E.g., the first book has J as the protagonist/viewpoint character, the second book would have S, and I might split the 3rd book between T and N.

I'm thinking this mostly because I'm having trouble figuring out what J's character arc would be for the second book (let alone the third)--there's definitely still plot stuff that needs to be explored after the end of the first book, but he's already done a lot of growing. Whereas the other characters have more possibilities.

I'm wondering--how do people feel about this in a series? I know I usually prefer to stay with one MC, because I get to like them and so want to stay in their head. But it seems to have worked in series like Shannon Hale's Bayern books. Is there anything you definitely need for this to work for you? Anything that would completely turn you off from continuing a series like that?

And does anyone know any other good YA examples of series like this (like the Bayern books) where the plot has a similar focus from one book to the next but from a different character's POV in each?
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