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Great friends, great books

2009 is well underway, and that means tons of great debut books are hitting your bookstores! I've been lucky enough to get to read many of my debut2009 friends' books before their release, so I can tell you just how awesome they are. :D

I'll also be interviewing all three of these amazing authors right here over the next few weeks.

WINNIE'S WAR (by Jenny Moss a.k.a. jenny_moss), which came out a couple days ago, is a MG historical about a girl struggling to protect her family and friends from an illness that threatens her entire town. Loved the spirited narrator, the well-drawn supporting characters, and the heart-wrenching balance between sorrow and hope.

MODELS DON'T EAT CHOCOLATE COOKIES (by Erin Dionne a.k.a. bostonerin), which is out today, is a contemporary MG about an overweight middle-schooler unwillingly entered in a plus-sized model competition. Celeste's journey is full of both fun and emotion, with moments that may have you laughing out loud, or leave you a little choked up.

THE SEASON (by Sarah MacLean), which is available early (now!) on Amazon and B&N, is a historical YA about a young woman and her best friends entering her first season in Regency England, navigating social conventions, an unexpected attraction, and a murderous mystery at the same time. It has a wonderful blend of suspense and romance, and the historical details are so vivid you'll be sucked right into their world.

And there are many more to come! 2009 is shaping up to be a pretty spectacular year. :)
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