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More revisioning

To distract myself from the waiting, I've decided to dive into LOKI'S BOY revisions. (Hey, it's been a whole week since I finished THE HALFWAY HERO. That's a break! At least as far as my slave-driver muse is concerned.)

For those interested in the process, what that means in this particular case (no two revisions are quite the same):

I've gone through the critiques I've gotten and made notes on all the comments people made (the ones I'm sure I need to tackle got written as is; the ones I'm not sure about got a "maybe" "possibly" or "?"). Sorted by general thoughts that would affect the entire book, chapter-by-chapter issues, and details (e.g., a character needs to be renamed). Where I could already think of a potential solution, I noted that down as well, but this was mostly just to have all the comments in one place so I could contemplate them in a more organized fashion. :)

For inspiration, I've been listening to my soundtrack-for-the-book while I'm doing this. Helps get me in the right mindset.

Interesting fact: I don't think there's any one thing that two critiquers commented on. There were some global issues (e.g., of world-building) but everyone who mentioned those issues had different aspects they wanted developed more/changed/whatever. Which makes it rather a lot harder to decide which advice to follow (I usually go with "majority rules" but when there is no majority...). Thankfully very few of the comments actually contradict each other, so I think I'm mostly going to try to do everything. Heh.

What will happen next: I'll stew over the major concerns for a while. Probably print out a chapter-by-chapter outline or play around with my index cards from the last draft to figure out where new material might be fit in. When I feel pretty certain that I'm addressing everything that needs addressing, I'll reoutline and start rewriting.
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